Norwegians buying many electric cars, they crave for clean transportation

Yes, Norwegians wants clean transportation in their country.  14,401 new cars were registered in the country last month. As a group, their average carbon dioxide emissions were 63 grams per kilometer. That’s 22 grams per kilometer lower than in March 2017. That’s an unbelievable drop in just one year. Don’t say people don’t want to buy electric cars!

Electric Cars = 37% of New Car Sales in Norway just in March

There are more electric, plug-in hybrid, and hybrid cars in the mix. Battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell cars accounted for 37.3% of all new registrations — 5,322 electrics and 4 hydrogen cars. The new Nissan LEAF was by far the runaway best seller for the month with 2,172 sold. Tesla was next with a total of 1,403 cars — 727 Model X SUVs and 676 Model S sedans.

Want to know what Norwegians aren’t buying many of these days? Diesels.

Take a look at the sales volume changes compared to a year ago.

  1. Nissan: 2.333 (+ 61.4%)
  2. Tesla: 1.403 (+ 40.6%)
  3. Volkswagen: 1.353 (- 20.5%)
  4. Volvo: 1.240 (+ 0.1%)
  5. BMW: 1.090 (- 13.7%)
  6. Toyota: 1.037 (- 28.4%)
  7. Mercedes Benz: 651 (- 44.4%)
  8. Skoda: 589 (- 12.7%)
  9. Mitsubishi: 575 (- 14.8%)
  10. Ford: 472 (- 20.8%)

Mercedes sales are down 44%, Volkswagen at least has the eGolf in its showrooms but even that was not enough to save it from a 20% tumble in sales.

Look at Norway – Those who ignore that signal do so at their peril.

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