Norway: Plug-In Car Sales Declined By 21% In September 2022

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New passenger car sales in Norway relentlessly decrease. In September, the number of registrations amounted to 14,646 (down almost 19% year-over-year). That brought the year-to-date number to 102,761 (down 20.3%).

The bad news is that plug-in electric car sales not only also decreased, but decreased even a bit faster than the market average.

Last month, 13,053 new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered, which is 21% less than a year ago. The market share decreased to 89.1% (from the record high of 91.5% a year ago).

Both battery-electric cars (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid cars (PHEVs) are in reverse in the last several months, which indicates a challenging market situation, combined with supply constraints of at least some of the models.

Plug-in hybrid sales continue to decrease due to reduced tax incentives (CO2 emission component).

On the positive side, almost 9 out of 10 new passenger cars in Norway are rechargeable, so there are no reasons to complain.

Stats for the month:

BEVs: 11,384 (down 18%, at 77.7% market share) + 725 new vans
PHEVs: 1,669 (down 33%, at 11.4% market share)
Total: 13,053 (down 21%, at 89.1% market share)

So far this year, more than 90,000 new passenger plug-ins were registered in Norway. Currently, it seems that the year 2022 will end below 2021’s level.

Plug-in car registrations year-to-date:

BEVs: 79,931 (down 1%, at 77.8% market share)
PHEVs: 10,324 (down 64%, at 10.0% market share)
Total: 90,255 (down 17%, at 87.8% market share)

The gasoline, diesel, and non-rechargeable hybrids were in the minority with 10.9% of the market last month (2.2% gasoline, 3.1% diesel, 5.6% hybrids).


In terms of models, the Tesla Model Y noted a huge surge of deliveries, which translated into 3,063 new registrations and a massive strengthening of its position in the year-to-date rank.

The second-best Volkswagen ID.4 (919 units) was far behind and it’s unlikely that it will be able to catch the Model Y this year. In third was the Skoda Enyaq iV (636).

The YTD list shown below indicates that Norway loves electric crossover/SUVs, which take all the top places.

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