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Norway: 60% of new vehicle sales are plug-in electric cars

EVs made are record in market share in Norway.

September brings a massive 22.3% decrease year-over-year in new passenger car registrations in Norway, and even plug-in electric cars dropped down by 2.1% to 6,387.

However, with the market shrinking so much, plug-ins were able to achieve an all-time record market share of 60.1%!

All-electric cars are selling better and better, while plug-in hybrids…not so much:

  • BEVs: 4,802 (up 24.7%, 45.2% market share) + 1,252 ‘used’ + 186 vans (174 new and 12 used) + 8 FCV
  • PHEVs: 1,585 (down 40.7%, 14.9% market share)

Tesla delivered 2,016 electric cars in September – Model S (782) and Model X (1,234) – which in total was about 19% of all new passenger car registrations.

Nissan LEAF remains #1 for the year with a huge advantage (9,083 YTD and 1,071 in September) over the next models (all the Volkswagen Golf versions combined are at 6,630 YTD).

BMW i3 is the third best-selling model in Norway so far this year (4,000 YTD) followed by the Tesla Model X (3,580 YTD).

Those four models represent almost 75% of total BEV sales in September.

In around five years, plug-ins replaced diesel market share of new sales in Norway. In September, just 12.4% new passenger cars were diesels.

Source: Insideves,

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