Nissan GT-R special edition with three new colors

Up to 50 cars will be built for Japan and all will be sold in the Land of the Rising Sun.

The current GT-R (R35) has been in production for about 11 years and there’s still no sign of a next-generation model. To keep “Godzilla” in its current form fresh and competitive, Nissan has been coming out with all sorts of special editions.

For the Japanese domestic market, Nissan is now introducing a limited-run GT-R.  Also it is a celebration the tie-up between the company and Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka. The talented 21-year-old tennis player helped Nissan come up with the fancy finish of the supercar. So Nissan will offer a choice between three equally appealing paint finishes: Brilliant White Pearl, Meteor Flake Black Pearl, and Midnight Opal.

Aside from slapping on a special coat of paint, Nissan is giving the GT-R a dry carbon rear spoiler and golden plate in the engine bay. There are also LED top rear lights and unique interior schemes based on the selected exterior color to nicely round off the look of the high-performance machine.


Nissan 2019, GTR, photo:

To keep the model exclusive, Nissan won’t assemble more than 50 cars and will disclose pricing details next month.

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