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Next Dodge Challenger and Charger may keep current platform

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The Dodge Charger and Challenger coupe will not stop selling no matter how old the platform is, even with its roots of Mercedes E-Class architecture from the 1990s. The platform for both cars has been updated the years before. But that has not changed the Challenger a lot since it was presented for the first time in 2008 and on the Charger since an update in 2011.

That has left fans of the all-so-American muscle cars to wonder when these cars will get a new platform. Next generation of both cars could use a version of the platform of the Alfa Romeo Giulia sedan, called Giorgio.

“We may not necessarily have to go as far as the Giorgio architecture for Dodge as long as we are willing to commit to a significant upgrade to the current architecture to make it competitive. That’s something that’s already started,” CEO said.

“Certainly by the time we finish with that architecture, you will not recognize its origins. We may maintain its bare-bones structure,” Marchionne continued, noting that engineers would go from there to improve the platform.

Rear-drive-based platform from Giulia could be good choice

“The Giorgio problem are size and capability. That reflects much more of a European performance requirement than it does the American heritage of Dodge,” said Marchionne. That heritage might be hard to squeeze into the smaller Giorgio’s platform, regardless of it being stretched.

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