New type of glass under the name “Tesla glass” will be used for Model 3

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In august this year was reported that Tesla is preparing the new program named “Tesla Glass”. At the time was not known much about this highly secretly kept from public development.

Even though that the program was kept away from the eyes of the public, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk confirmed that it’s a new “glass technology group” at the automaker and that the new glass technology will be featured in the upcoming Tesla Model 3.

Dropping bowl breaks tiles from Terra cotta, Clay and Slate – Tesla glass tile intact

Few days ago Musk made the clarification how Tesla’s solar roof is different from some of the previous products that have failed in the same segment of the solar industry.

As an example of how it is different, Musk said in the conversation with the analysts that the new glass will be used by the company as a layer of its solar roof tiles: “It is using a lot of techniques used in automotive glass business. In case it wasn’t obvious with the announcement, Tesla has created a glass technology group – with some really phenomenal people,” Musk informed his interlocutors.

The glass was developed by a new technology group at Tesla that focuses on glass development. In a promotional video released by the company demonstrating the strength of the glass, among other tiles used for the experiment glass tile was referred as a ‘Tesla Glass’ tile.

On the video is shown dropping of the bowl on the tiles from Terra cotta, Clay, Slate and so called Tesla glass tile. During the impact bowl is crushing all the tiles except the “Tesla glass” tile which contains intact.

First application of the new glass into Tesla’s automotive products will be in the Model 3, Musk says and added: “Producing glass in volume is fairly cheap and that it makes sense to use it extensively.” He was referring to Tesla’s new solar tiles, but the Model 3 prototypes unveiled earlier this year also featured a lot of glass.

People working on the Tesla’s Glass group, are mainly the experts previously professionally connected with the other high tech companies, like Mike Pilliod, who is as Musk said several time “phenomenal”. He is the director of the Tesla Glass group, but was one of Apple’s top materials engineers. He is on the long list of patents at the Cupertino Company, and many of them are in the field of glass touchscreen innovations and electronic devices using glass, like the iPhone.

Now we are waiting to see what more Tesla’s new “glass technology group” will install in Model 3.

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