New Tesla China Program: Trade In Your Gas Car For An EV

While it often seems Tesla is trying to limit the demand for its vehicles by raising prices, that’s not necessarily the case, and it may depend on the market, the timing, and a variety of other factors. As Tesla works to ramp up its production in China after the previous factory shut down, the demand for its EVs is constantly growing. Meanwhile, the automaker is launching a program to increase orders even further.

According to a recent report by Teslarati, Tesla started a new program in China to convince car shoppers to trade in their gas-powered vehicles for a new electric car. For Tesla buyers taking part in the program, there are some compelling incentives available.

The information about the new program came from the Shanghai Securities Journal, though Teslarati makes it clear that the journal is relying on an anonymous source familiar with the matter, which is typical when it comes to much of the news related to Tesla.

At any rate, the article shares that the new ICE trade-in program will apply to Tesla’s vehicles that are ordered in China starting on July 1, 2022, and the program will run through the end of the year. In order for buyers to take advantage of the perks of the program, they’ll have to complete and sign a trade-in agreement before taking delivery of their new Tesla.

Based on the information from the source, Tesla’s customers in China who follow through with the ICE trade-in program will receive price protection for 14 days, a 14-day extended warranty period, a 90-day free trial of Tesla’s Enhanced Autopilot feature, and more. Tesla will also go to a customer’s home to evaluate their trade-in vehicle.

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