New Ford Fiesta ST revealed before 2017 Geneva auto show

Last year  we saw Ford revealed a redesigned Fiesta, but in the most interesting version, the new Fiesta ST, wasn’t part of the lineup.

To raise excitement the car producer has put a short teaser clip on some of its social media channels

Ford wants to unveil the hot hatch on Friday before of a world presentation next month at 2017 Geneva auto show. To raise excitement the car producer has put a short teaser clip on some of its social media channels.

Prototypes for the new Fiesta ST have been seen for over a year, with engineers benchmarking the vehicle against the current Fiesta ST. The formula will stay much the same, with a turbocharged inline-4 driving the front wheels.

It’s not expectedthe vehicle to match the 197 horsepower of the limited edition Fiesta ST200 revealed at the begining of 2016, but something more than the 180 hp of the current Fiesta ST probably is. While power might not be  changing much, it’s expected of the new Fiesta ST to look more aggressive than the current vehicle so it can be different  from regular models in the Fiesta lineup. It’s also expected that some elements will be borrowed from the Focus RS, a driving modes selector for example.

Unluckily, it’s unclear when Ford will launch its  newly designed Fiesta range in the United States. Withtra the preference for SUVs here, there’s the slight chance Ford might drop the Fiesta to focus on pimping its EcoSport. The subcompact SUV will be on sale here at the begining of 2018.

We hope for more details on U.S. plans that Ford has for the Fiesta following the reveal of the Fiesta ST in Geneva. The show starts at March 7 but you can read about the other vehicles that dhould appear by visiting our site.

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