Mono Tracer Cabin Motorcycle is model from future or now

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The Peraves Mono Tracer reduces the difference between the engine and the car, providing the excitement of two-point vehicle comfort on a four-wheel drive that looks like something that has come from the world of the future.

The former pilot, Arnold Wagner, who enjoys a fast run, is trying to present this unusual concept to the general public.

The design of the vehicle is like a capsule with wheels, but using a BMW engine, it can get brilliant for up to 250km with an excellent combination of performance and luxury and is set as one of the solutions for future urban vehicles.

The engine itself produces 113 horsepower, but with a little weight on the ground, just over 1000 pounds, it will be the vehicle that many will be able to drive at all times.

It is currently produced in two different versions. The difference between the version is in the engine, one is a gasoline engine already mentioned, and the other version is with Electro Motor, ideal for urban conditions.

From the manufacturer we got the assurance that in the event of an accident it is almost impossible to reach the forehead collision, because of the shape of the egg, the same capsules with the coil come with slip and combustion.


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