Mitsubishi GT-PHEV concept previewa next-gen hybrid tech, SUV design

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Mitsubishi has an boring wont of showing us lots of ideas but rarely presenting new vehicles.

Unfortunately, the trend doesn’t show sign of slackening. The Japanese producer has revealed yet another concept. That concept is  indicating at what’s to come while it delays on existing models here in U.S.

The newest concept is called the Ground Tourer-PHEV (GT-PHEV) concept, and it fist showed up on Thursday at the 2016 Paris auto show. It accentuates Mitsubishi’s next-generation plug-in system. That system combines an internal combustion engine designed specifically for hybrid applications, a high-capacity battery and a trio of electric motors.

At the front it has mounted electric motor which helps the internal combustion engine, 2.5-liter unit, drive the front wheels. Together, the multiply power founts create a constant, through-the-road hybrid all-wheel-drive system. A resembling setup is preeminent in Mitsubishi’s presumedlly U.S.-bound Outlander PHEV. Although with a single electric motor at the rear.

Mitsubishi rates the GT-PHEV will be able to cover 75 miles on electric power alone

Mitsubishi rates the GT-PHEV will be able to cover 75 miles on electric power alone. The battery’s capacity is a 25-kilowatt per hour. And with full tank of gas the GT-PHEV is able to boost range by factor of 10. More important, all power sources are integrated with the car dynamics control system. It helps upgrading stability by directing torque optionally.

Mitsubishi hasn’t pointed out production. However, the producer describes describes the GT-PHEV as a high-end SUV designed for long-distance driving. This propose design will maybe hint at the next-generation Outlander or even a new Montero.

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