Mercedes-Benz S550 Cabriolet, genuine 2017 indulgence

Mercedes-Benz s550 Cabriolet, the S-class Cabriolet is biggest and most indulgence among all five models of cabriolets. There are more models in offer, but the standard S550 with 449 horse powers twin turbo V8 and rear wheel drive is most of the representative of its class. The lack of its sports pretensions is substituted with luxury of the flowing lines, proportions and elegant presence. In short this is one big, bold and beautiful vehicle, made for comfort and pleasure.

From its standard all-LED exterior and multicolor cabin lighting to its available chrome-tipped diamond-block grille, the artfulness and advancement of the S-Class Cabriolet shine with equal brilliance. Even more captivating by day or night, the headlamps can be accented with genuine Swarovski® crystals that make every move a grand entrance.

Its front seats can offer a “hot stone” massage while you rest on heated armrests. Its Air Balance system can ionize the cabin air for summer-storm freshness, and then infuse it with aromatherapy.

Along with its highly rigid body, advanced restraints, the S-Class literally raises the bar for cabriolet safety: Its dual pop-up roll bars were pioneered by Mercedes-Benz. Same goes for its Intelligent Drive system of driver assists. A 360-degree network of cameras, radar and other sensors can help get you out of danger before you’re in it.

Floating driving experience provided on default comfort mode

This 4786 pounds weighing vehicle with front engine, rear wheel drive, four passengers, two doors convertible is state of the art of luxury driving. The other dimensions is the proof that this car is big:  wheelbase is 115.9 in, length 197.9 in, width 74.8 in and height is 55.8 in. From the top to down cargo volume is 12/9 cu ft with Curb weight 4786 lb.

Engine type is twin-turbocharged and intercooled DOHC 32-valve V-8, aluminium block and heads, with direct fuel injection, with the transmission of 9-speed automatic with manual shifting mode.

Twin-turbocharged 4.7-liter engine forcefully motors the S550 from a standstill to 60 mph in a brisk 4.4 seconds, with the quarter-mile breezing by in 13.0 seconds at 110 mph.

The real beauty of the S-class is its aesthetics.Inside and out, it’s a truly special piece that looks and feels worthy of its six-figure price – Basic price of this model is $132,325. Lowering the top is a remarkably silent affair, as the expansive cloth roof effortlessly motors beneath the decklid in 20 seconds when the car is traveling at speeds up to 37 mph. Another useful feature is the ability to raise and lower the top by holding down the lock or unlock buttons on the key fob.

The seats are comfortable enough for adults as long as the front seats aren’t moved too far back. All positions are upholstered in sumptuous leather, and the back seats also are well padded; there’s even just enough headroom in the rear for average-size adults with the roof raised.

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