Lotus car

Lotus Seven – the ideal Tokyo commuter car

There’s a lot of interesting machinery on Tokyo roads. You can see a lot of different vehicles from customized kei van to a majestic Toyota Century. But you will see sensible cars and motorcycles the most.

If you need stuff like a roof and a heater in your two-seat Tokyo commuter, you can get a first-generation Honda NSX. You won’t enjoy life as much as the Seven driver does, even when it rains, though.
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Lotus Seven

There’s not an Iron Duke under the hood

All the companies are selling Seven replicas and kits, fabricating wizards knocking together their own in fetid garages around the world. There’s no information about what sort of mechanical specifics went into this one. The exhaust pipes hint a four-cylinder engine, which won’t neccessarily be narrow down the possibilities; there’s not an Iron Duke under the hood.


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