Losing Your Laptop Is Not an Acceptable Reason to Crash Your Car Into a Hotel Lobby

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It’s understandable that you’d be upset if you were staying at a hotel, and your laptop went missing. There’s probably important stuff on it, not to mention the cost to replace it. And if it’s your work computer, even if you don’t get in trouble for losing it, you might miss The Big Presentation.

As we all know from the movies, that’s your ticket to The Big Promotion that will allow you to finally afford the ring you’ll use to propose to the love of your life. But you know what’s not going to finally convince your future father-in-law to approve of your relationship? Reacting to that lost laptop by crashing your car into the hotel lobby and driving around wildly.

And yet, as CBS reports, that’s exactly what one man recently did at the Jinling Purple Mountain Hotel Shanghai. As you can imagine, hotel guests and staff did not react positively to his vehicular temper tantrum and instead started yelling at him, beating on the car, and trying to break the window. Which are all completely understandable reactions when there’s a maniac driving a car around a hotel lobby like they’re in a movie.

Also understandably, the police were called, and the driver was arrested for pitching his (presumably very expensive) fit. And if he’d just waited a bit, taken a short walk to calm down, and come back with a level head, all of this could have been avoided. Hotel staff said the laptop had been stolen and was recovered. All he had to do was show a little patience, not commit a crime that risked sending other people to the hospital, and everything would have been OK.

But if there’s another lesson here, it’s that if you do decide to drive a car into a hotel lobby, an Audi A5 will actually fit. Good luck finding that kind of invaluable consumer advice on one of those other car sites.

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