Following the long awaited LEAF 40 kWh launched earlier this year, Nissan have confirmed that a longer range and higher power LEAF EV is due in 2019.

Nissan’s head of EV marketing, Brian Maragno, corroborated recent rumours that a LEAF, possibly with a 60 kWh battery, will be available next year, sporting the new ‘E-Plus’ badge. – Autoguide reports

While the precise size of the battery remains unconfirmed, in addition to more range, the new LEAF E-Plus will have more available power, increasing from from 110 kW to 149 kW.

Should a larger battery size of 60 kWh be broadly correct, this would give the next LEAF a real driving range in excess of 250 miles.

The new LEAF has a nice future. Nissan continuing to be the most popular pure EV in the UK and European markets.