Latest rumour: There will be no new Jaguar products until 2025

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It looks like Jaguar is putting the pin in new vehicle releases until it goes fully electric in 2025. This decision is being made so that the British manufacturer can focus on product development for its monumental shift towards electrification.

According to a report conducted by Le Monde, Jaguar is dedicated to its complete overhaul which will not only see the switch to electrification but also position it as a more luxurious brand. The British manufacturer has revealed its desires to shift away from the premium segment where it competes with BMW and Mercedes-Benz and start taking on the likes of Porsche and Bentley, head-on.

Models that are currently sold by the brand will still be available to consumers but with a reduced choise of engines and features. Together with this, the brand promises that there will be no factory closures during the adjustment but its work force has already been reduced from 42 000 to 35 000 employees to decrease costs.

Jaguar revealed in 2020 that its “Reimagine” plan will cost the company €3 billion (approximately R54 billion). The British company has admitted that volume race in which it had entered was not a success. Furthermore, it’s understood that sourcing engines that comply with environmental standards or to offer a degree of sophistication, a rate of renewal and reliability comparable to the German competition, has been a challenging task.

Rather than negotiating a gradual transition by developing plug-in hybrids or integrating a few electric models, Jaguar made the decision to jump ahead of the steps that we’re seeing from many other manufacturers. As a result, the XJ battery-powered large sedan project was canceled altogether, as was the establishment of a joint platform with Land Rover.

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