Land Rover shows off 2017 Discovery with record- breaking Lego build

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Land Rover is pretty much excited to represent its new 2017 Discovery.
It’s so excited that it took out all the stops for the global show off of the new seven-passenger sport utility car. Bear Grylls was approached by British equestrian rider Zara Philips and the whole Land Rover BAR sailing team. Land Rover buil the biggest structure ever made also.
Bear Grylls came by on this event as he choppered in to the set the finishing touches on a massive Lego project. To prepare for this, project contains from 5,805,846 Lego bricks, and it was installed as London’s Tower Bridge.

This Tower Bridge beated that construction by 460,646 bricks

The earlier word record for a Lego construction used more that 5.3 million bricks. This Tower Bridge beated that construction by 460,646 bricks and it was making for about 5 months. It is twice higher of a two-story house. All the bricks that they used for building the construction can strech from the real size Tower Bridge to paris, laid end to end. It now holds the Guinness World Record for the largest Lego structure in the world.
The new Discovery took big steps under the bridge. It took watery route to the center of the stage where it joined some time by guests which are adventurous and athletic.
Car is at the moment on display at Paris auto show. There are much fewer Lego bricks.

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