Lamborghini Is Done Building Retro Models

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The new Lamborghini Countach is a bit of an enigma in the company’s lineup. It’s a retro-inspired model that revives an iconic nameplate using Aventador bones, naturally aspirated V-12 and all. Some people think it’s really cool, while others believe it’s just a cynical cash grab. Of course, it doesn’t really matter what anyone thinks, because the car sold out within a week of its reveal. Despite all of those easy sales, Lamborghini isn’t planning to do any more retro-inspired models.

“The Countach is a unique experiment, but because we are a small brand we have to look forward,” Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann told Road & Track during an interview at the Huracán Tecnica launch in Valencia, Spain. “We cannot rely on the past and think that the past is creating the future.”

All 112 examples of the new Countach, priced from $2.64 million, sold out within four days of its reveal at Pebble Beach last year. Lamborghini chose to build 112 examples as a callback to the original Countach’s internal project designation of “LP 112.”

“So that’s it,” Winkelmann continued. “No more. We look forward. We always have new things coming up so we have to be concentrated on the future, not on the past.”

Instead, Lamborghini’s future will focus on electrification. The Sant’Agata carmaker plans to launch its first series production hybrid model in 2023 following the hyper-limited Sián FKP 37. By the end of 2024, the brand says all of its cars will be hybridized in some form.

“In 2028, we will have our first fully electric car,” Winkelmann said. “Something which is very important for Lamborghini, the first model that will be a new car with a new design, new concept, new ideas. The 1.8 billion Euros we are investing next year, they are exclusively for the hybridization, so for the models which are coming in the next couple of years.”

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