Jaguar XK

Jaguar XK is maybe coming back?

Before the perfectly proportioned Jaguar F-Type made its debut, the XK coupe was one of the best looking cars on the planet. Tough too — I was rear-ended in an XKR a few years ago and can honestly say even with a flat tire and bent rim, it still gave chase to a hit-and-run drunk driver. The XK was discontinued in 2014 and for a while had a foggy future considering the proliferation of crossovers and SUVs. Plans of a relaunch are gathering steam.

“The F-Type has been a huge success,” Hanno Kirner, who oversees product strategy for the next decade at Jaguar said. “We love sports cars – and I use the plural quite deliberately. Whether that is delivered by a body variant or something else remains to be seen, but for now let’s just say that the body type is very important for us.”

The current F-Type still uses a shortened version of the old XK platform, but the next one will get new bones to ride on. In theory it should be flexible enough to stretch it back to the XK’s longer proportions. A hybrid version isn’t out of the realm of possibility either, which would have scared us at one point, but not now. In a world with hybrid McLarens, Porsches and Ferraris, there’s no reason engineers can’t do a fast, flexible, hybrid Jag.

There are plenty of engines for the new car

There are plenty of engines for the new car to choose from. The F-Type’s Ingenium four makes 296 hp and of course the rip-roaring 572-hp 5.0-liter is also an option. Imagine an XKR SVR, bumped up to 600 hp or so.

Let’s do it Jag. Put the V8 in there, make it a little bigger than the F-Type but nearly identical and call it a day. It can start at $90K and go up from there. Both convertible and hardtop versions please, thanks!


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