The BMW 1-Series sedan was presented 2016. as a compact luxury offering made exclusivelyfor the Chinese market. The vehicle wasn’t originally intended for U.S. consumption, but as one report says, it could be in our shores soon.

The 1-Series sedanis maybe going on sale in the U.S. at the begining of 2019

Its revealed via a source that has no name that there is possibility for the 1-Series sedan going on sale in the U.S. at the begining of 2019. The 1-Series took a front-wheel-drive platform shared with the BMW X1 and some Mini models, unlike the bigger BMW sedans already for sale at stateside. Sharing a platform, BMW is able to offer its nameplate at a lower price, competing against entry-luxury cars like the Mercedes A-Class sedan.

Real lovers of BMW will probably be angry about having a front-drive Bimmer in the U.S., but for most customers, it doesn’t matter. And you know what? A 1-Series M sedan is not the worst thing in the world, although, as we all know, that’s just our dream.