Porsche 911 2.7 RS tribute

Is this Porsche 911 2.7 RS tribute more fun than the real thing?

Porsche 911 2.7 RS tribute can bemore fun than the real thing. Opinions of Porsche tribute cars from the air-cooled era have firmed up in recent years as the values of everything before and including the 993 have surged. Advocates of preservation and restoration of 911s that a decade and a half ago may have been considered used sports cars now appear to hold a decisive majority over those who are willing to really play with the bodywork and engines.

Can you an’t picture anyone being upset with this 2.7 RS tribute car? Especially given the fact that one now needs seven figures to (nervously) enjoy the real thing on public roads.Hooniverse’s Jeff Glucker recently sampled such a machine, created by Makellos Classics of Escondido, California.

“That engine is hot-rodded”

“What Makellos has done with this 1973 Porsche 911 is basically create the 2.7 RS experience for less than it would cost to buy an actual 2.7-liter RS, and it might be better,” Glucker says. “That engine is hot-rodded — this whole car is hot-rodded with torsion beams and upgraded suspension, a short-ratio short-throw gearbox, upgraded cross-drilled rotors. This is … this is vintage in the best way.”

The flat-six of this particular car churns out about 220 hp — a little over RS spec — but well within the margin of the original; Makellos did not set out to soup up an an older body complete with flared fenders with a new and overpowered Porsche engine out back. Far from it — the shop took care to replicate the look and feel of the interior, complete with houndstooth buckets and period-correct gauges. The biggest difference when it comes to the engine spec is that this car is carbureted; the real ones had fuel injection at this point.

The price of entry? Glucker says that this car is in the neighborhood of about $120,000, in the range in which clean 911s from 1973 now trade. That’s certainly a discount from the real thing, but the difference is that this one can be daily-driven without (much) worry.


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