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Is the next Flying Spur Bentley’s last gas burner?

 It looks like the upcoming Bentley Flying Spur sedan could be the last gasoline-only Bentley to leave the company’s factory. The next Flying Spur is slated for a 2019 release date, which means it’ll see roads right before Bentley plans to reinvent its cars with an electric twist.
Bentley’s electrification plans will likely start with a full range of hybrid models, like we saw earlier this year with the Bentley Bentayga hybrid, but Bentley is also apparently eyeing the Porsche Mission E’s J1 platform. According to Autocar, the J1 platform could spark another Bentley nameplate that splits the size difference between a Porsche 911 and Panamera. There are rumors that the Mulsanne could get completely reimagined — possibly with a new name.

The Flying Spur will be a diversion from Bentley’s Continental styling

About the upcoming Flying Spur: We imagine it’ll offer similar powertrains as the currently available model, which means you should still be able to grab a new W12-powered Bentley to show up your neighbor’s new Rolls Royce. As for how it’ll look — well, the Flying Spur will be a diversion from Bentley’s Continental styling.

The new Flying Spur is supposed to make an appearance later this year to show just how far removed from the Continental’s features it will be.


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