In which EU country were the least cars sold in 2020?

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The previous year was full of challenges for car brands and the European market.

Of course, in 2020, Germany was the largest market for new cars in Europe, 2.91 million vehicles were delivered in this country, and many four-wheelers found owners in France, 1.65 million, Italy 1.38 million, Spain 0.85 million…

But what is at the opposite end when it comes to the EU?

Which member states of the Union had the weakest sales in 2020? During the previous year, 10,061 registrations (-17.7%) were recorded in Cyprus, followed by 13,864 delivered cars (-25.8%) in Latvia, while 18,750 consumers bought a new car (-29.5%) in Estonia.

If EFTA countries were included, then the worst result would be achieved in Iceland, where only 9,369 four-wheelers were sold in 2020.

Someone will curiously ask how Balkan are doing? Well, 36,005 units were delivered in Croatia with a drastic drop in sales of 42.8%, Bulgarians bought 22,368 cars (-36.8%), while residents of Hungary and Romania bought the largest number of vehicles. In 2020, the northern neighbors recorded 128,021 registrations (-18.9%), and 126,351 cars (-21.8%) were delivered to Romania.

Of the former Yugoslav republics in the previous year, the most successful was Slovenia, where 53,694 cars were sold with a drop in sales of 26.6% compared to that achieved in 2019.


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