Hyundai Plug-In Wholesale Sales Exceeded

Hyundai reports 3.89 million car sales globally in 2021, which is 3.9% more than a year ago. The company managed to improve its results despite ongoing supply chain issues. The new target is to sell over 4.32 million units in 2022.

The plug-in electric car sales also grew in 2021, but first, let’s start with December’s results.

December 2021

In December, Hyundai sold globally about 334,242 (down 11% year-over-year). However, the plug-in electric car sales accelerated.

Last month, Hyundai’s plug-in electric car wholesale sales (closely related to production) amounted to *17,725 (up 110% year-over-year), which is about 5.0% of the total wholesale sales (354,824).

The all-electric car sales improved to an all-time monthly record of 14,252 (up 82% year-over-year). Plug-in hybrids (PHEV) represent a much lower volume, but the growth rate is amazing – almost 500% year-over-year. The hydrogen fuel cell vehicle sales (FCV), counted separately, are marginal.

Sales by powertrain type:

BEVs: 14,262 (up 82%)
PHEVs: 3,463 (up 497%)
Total plug-ins: 17,725 (up 110%)
FCVs: 388 (down 16%)

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