Hybrid power Mini Countryman comes in 2017 plug-in electric will follow in 2019

MINI has officially confirmed its launching two electric vehicles in next three years.  First will be plug-in hybrid model with the same form like 2017 MINI Countryman.

A plug-in electric will follow in 2019, and the model is going to be the same as current model, but with more expressed appearance to set it apart from the gasoline model, it was said from the side of the British auto maker.

The electric car will be the fifth model in the lineup, after Cooper hardtop, Cooper convertible, Clubman wagon and Countryman crossover. As for the electric car, he said Mini has sensed customer demand.

“Mini by nature and or customer way of life is an urban brand already, and electric will play a bigger role in the urban environment,” said Sebastian Mackensen, global head of the Mini brand. Speaking about the predicted volume he added that “it will not be a limited edition. It depends on the legal environment, and we will see a lot of change in customer preference,”

Mini sensed customer demand for electric cars to play a bigger role in the urban environment

The British brand is keeping the same powertrain like in the new Countryman, but the rumors are that the Countryman plug-in will use 1.5-litre three-cylinder turbo petrol engine, with battery assistance.

Company revealed that the hybrid is capable of up to 78mph in pure EV mode and “long-lasting electric driving” – although the electric range or power output of the motor is not known yet.

What is known is that the electric motor powers the rear wheels and the petrol engine powers the front wheels. Suspension is the same like on the standard Countryman. In order to get better distribution on weight electric components are balanced across both axles.

Three modes of drive train are coming with Countriman’s plugins: Auto eDrive, Max eDrive and a Save Battery mode.

The biggest change which is going to be visible at once is the increase in size, due to a new UKL1 modular platform. Since the wheel base is going to be longer the length of the car is going to be more than four meters. That will provide more inside space, especially in the back.

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