How to clean Car Air Conditioner?

If you want to breath fresh and clean air inside your car, then you need to take car of a/c system. See in the following how to…

Getting into the car and feeling is the classic stiffy and stuffy smell inside is, besides being annoying, a very common situation, especially in summer. Indeed, there is a multitude of germs and bacteria concealed in the air conditioner and that can cause bad odours and in some cases also a few health problems.

While bad breathing and coughing can represent an extreme case, the smell and bad odours coming from an air conditioner not properly cleaned are instead a certainty.

In this article we will explain in detail how to clean the car air conditioner correctly and which products you should use.

How to clean the car air conditioner

Cleaning the car air conditioner is a delicate operation that requires attention, care and, of course, the right products.

A basic rule for cleaning it correctly is to frequently replace the pollen filters. The filters will contain all the dirt that built up over time, dust and in general all the dirt that without the filter you’d be breathing.

Locate the filters. They are usually in the engine compartment or inside the car, under the glove compartment. Now take out the cartridge with the filter and insert the new one.

However, after cleaning the filters, to ensure correct maintenance for the air conditioner. You also need to use a sanitiser to remove the bacteria that, despite the filters, may spread inside the vehicle.

The sanitiser will also ensure a pleasant scent in the car, thereby eliminating bad odours.

Cleaning the car air conditioner with Odorbact Out

Products always make a difference and to clean the car air conditioner the solution by Mafra is Odorbact Out.

Indeed, Odorbact Out ensures both an exhaustive cleaning action and healthy and fresh protection for interiors thanks to its dedicated set of ingredients, whilst being effective against bacteria. Indeed, this product ensures a deep action, eliminating any bad odour due to impurities and mould that forms in the ventilation duct.

To use it, keep the air conditioner on and select the highest setting. Place Odorbact Out in front of the front passenger seat and operate the designated lever that ensures the disinfecting action circulates. Finally, get out of the car, close the doors and let the product act.

The detergent and sanitising action of the product, with a pleasant scent and yet aggressive against germs and bacteria, will do the rest.

Then ensure the air inside the car is clean!



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