Help the BMW R60/2 be a Lego set you can purchase

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Lego has made motorcycles since the 1970s, before the figures actually had legs, arms or even facial features that can articulate. But those old motorcycles had size like  standard figures and were quite simple.

Lego lineup grew more complex through time with the addition of the Technik line. It offered machines of biggerer detail, but even the more complex Technik sets are nthing in comparison to this model of the legendary BMW R60/2 motorcycle. This model is now in a race to become an official Lego set.

At first view, it doesn’t even look like a Lego model

Maxime Cheng, Lego Ideas maker, remade this attractive “Slash 2” classic with impressive details and a taut looking. At first view, it doesn’t even look like a Lego model.

“This Lego model was made for a friend and fellow Lego enthusiast to commemorate his father, who would take him on rides in this very motorcycle through the countryside,” Cheng writes. “It is constructed to match all the various specifications and details of the original bike, including the unique triangular front fork, hand brakes, a fuel tank, a tire inflator, twin engines, and a sidecar (as of now still a work in progress), as well as a rotating handlebars and a retractable kickstand.”

The R60/2 were the heavy rounding motorcycles of the day, overengineered in usualGerman fashion  and made to last decades. Their weight and power is what makes them perfect platforms for equally strong sidecars, with the R60/2 becoming a popular model very quickly, with its presentation in 1956.

Whwn a Lego Ideas project gets 10,000 votes from customers, it progresses to the review stage by the company. From there, it might be made as a commercial set that will be offered. Cheng’s R60/2 is about 5,000 votes, with 716 days left. Voting started before two months . This Lego motorcycle was revealed in December 2016. That’s an striking path for any Lego Ideas project, so it will probably reach the 10,000 mark in just a couple more months. That will promote it to the next stage.

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