Day 3 is upon us at the Hellas Rally Raid, with the competition resuming at 09:00 and signifying perhaps the most demanding day of the whole rally, the Marathon Day. Competitors had to muster every ounce of their resolve, putting both their driving skills and toughness to the test.

Loic Minaudier continues putting the pedal to the metal, retaining first place in the MOTO class. Slovakian rider Juraj Varga is in the lead in the QUAD class, whilst in the SSV class, Lacam Hugues comes out on top.

Hellas Rally 2021 & Actiongraphers

Photo Credits: Hellas Rally 2021 & Actiongraphers

With over 400km of driving wrapped up, follows a sleepover in the beautiful Karpenissi and its magnificent outdoors, with competitors channeling their inner trailblazer. Competition ensues tomorrow at 09:00 with the second portion of the Marathon Day. This time entailing 220km of racing from Karpenissi to the steeped in history town of Messolonghi.

Full Results: HERE