Heliox introduces Multi-Standard charging station for buses

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Heliox takes part with charging standards for electric cars expanded to the electric buses in Europe

There are to two major overhead bus charging standards at the moment – OppCharge and the Bus-Up system. At first, there was only a single system (buses and stations) in the particular cities, but when at some point two incompatible standards will appear in one place or in one fleet, there is a need for a multi-standard charging stations.


Photo credit: Heliox, Insiveevs.com

The Bus-Up is kind of a pantograph type, while OppCharge is inversed pantograph. If we end up adding a few other standards in Europe and U.S. plus the wireless charging standards, we feel the industry has a lot homework to do.

Here is one of the first examples of such multi-standard charging station, provided by Heliox in Luxembourg for the Sales-Lentz. One Heliox OC charger allows electric buses to charge with different interfaces: Bus-Up and Oppcharge.

Heliox B.V.


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