Heart of Banat – Timisoara/Temišvar, lovely Romanian city

Timişoara is a university city and industrial center in western Romania. It is often described as the most cosmopolitan city in Romania.

There is no usual name for Timisoara as we name it here now. Every country has its own name speak for romanian city, but we find it very interesting.

Temeswar, Temeschburg or Temeschwar; Hungarian: Temesvár, Serbian: Темишвар / Temišvar; Banat Bulgarian: Timišvár; Turkish: Temeşvar;  

The third most populous city in the country, with 319,279 inhabitants as of the 2011 census, Timișoara is the informal capital city of the historical region of Banat. In September 2016, Timișoara was selected as the European Capital of Culture for 2021.

The Unirii Square (picture above), with its Baroque expression, is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful squares of the city, dominated by the Catholic Cathedral and Serbian Orthodox Cathedral placed opposite to each other.

The most beautiful and important squares of the city, taking into account the structure of the old fortress of Timisoara, are Plevnei Square, Victoriei Square, Libertăţii Square and Unirii Square.


Timisoara square/OrangeSmile Tours

It is worth to start exploring attractions of the city with a visit to Victory Square; next to it there are several iconic objects. The Orthodox Cathedral is very impressive and unique architectural monument; it was built in the middle of the last century. Its main distinguishing feature is the bright red-and- green roof lined with multi-colored tiles.


Great yellow house/OrangeSmile Tours

Libertatii Square


Timisoara Street Alba Iulia

The beautiful castle Guniade is situated there. The last large-scale reconstruction of it took place in the 18th century. In the Middle Ages there were numerous fortifications on the site of the Liberty Square.

Orthodox cathedral


Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral

The Orthodox cathedral was built between 1936 and 1946. It’s unique for its Byzantine-influenced architecture, which recalls the style of the Bucovina monasteries; the floor tiles recall traditional Banat carpets.



Banat Village Museum

One of the most interesting cultural institutions of the city is the Banat Village Museum. The museum is a massive cultural open air complex. Their age is about a hundred years. Beautiful pottery and wooden cabins from various suburbs are ther now. The museum often hosts exciting recreational activities for guests. Visitors can witness colorful folk performances or take a couple of lessons in craftsmanship.


Banat Village Museum

Bega canal at night


Bega canal Timisoara

Begej Canal is a navigation canal of Romania and Serbia. Its name comes from the Bega river. During the 18th-19th centuries it was the main means of transporting goods in the area as it connected the town to the European capitals: Budapest and Vienna.

Late night walk or daylight, maybe running next to a river, it’s just wonderful feeling.

Short introduction of Timisoara

Romania’s third-largest city is also one of the country’s most attractive urban areas, built around a series of beautifully restored public squares and lavish parks and gardens. Don’t miss a chance to visit this lovely town and just enjoy in his goods.



Arhitecture of Timisoara

Keep your camera charged, because you’ll be taking loads of photos.

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