GPS-linked speed limiters could become mandatory in every new car sold in Europe

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Governors to keep vehicles below roadways’ speed limits would be paired with data loggers, starting three years from now.

Every new car sold in Europe could be required to be fitted with a speed limiter, along with a data logger, starting three years from now, the U.K.’s Express reports.

The technology comes after calls for more safety measures to be introduced in vehicles and as part of efforts to reduce the number of people speeding.

European parlaments has approved

Members of the European Parliament have approved the installation of such devices to attempt to cut down on vehicle-related deaths. The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) recommends the system would work as a full on-off switch and would be activated as soon as the car is turned on.

The limiters will reduce collisions by an estimated 30 percent, and save around 25,000 lives over 15 years.

The limiter wouldn’t totally cut people off from going over the speed limit, however: if you press hard on the accelerator, it will override the system, in case drivers, need the speed to pass or avoid accidents.

A data log will record those breaches of speed, and let the driver know to slow down.

If the driver continues to drive above the speed limit for several seconds, the system should sound a warning for a few seconds and display a visual warning until the vehicle is operating at or below the speed limit again,” explains the ETSC.

Even though the U.K. primed to leave the EU, that country will most likely adopt the mandatory limiters, too.

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