GM cars with the new OnStar Go platform getting IBM Watson

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So called “first cognitive mobility platform” is going to be created in cooperation General Motors and International Business Machines Corporation. Two giants are using the latter IBM’s Watson learning supercomputer, which is a continuation of GM’s OnStar offering called ‘OnStar Go’. This means that cars with new product it’s going to be installed will be more capable to notify their surroundings. Vehicles will also be capable for automated interactions both with the driver and with businesses and facilities around them.

The system actually sounds like similar to the concept of Amazon’s Alexa, since it’s designed to allow to automobile to plug into connected services its surrounding.

The new OnStar Go features are set to go live in vehicles from GM by the end of 2017

At the moment, details on these services are pretty thin at the moment, but GM has outlined a number of potential uses. That includes curating “personalized experiences” on iHeartRadio based on drivers’ listening habits, directing drivers to nearby Exxon and Mobil fuel stations when their car is running low on gas, or making in-car payments using Mastercard’s Masterpass system

This brief description raises some questions which need to be answered in next days.  However, a lot of the potential uses described by IBM and GM in the release for OnStar Go make it seem like the platform is designed specifically to create more marketing opportunities for partners, and indeed the press release leads with this summary of the rollout plans: “Starting in early 2017, OnStar is expected to give millions of GM drivers the ability to connect and interact with their favorite brands.”

Still, it sounds like it should be beneficial to customers, especially if drivers get the chance to specify which skills they want to be notified about and which they don’t. IBM and GM have already revealed some launch partners, and they include ExxonMobil, which will be able to tell drivers where nearby fill-up stations are, and okay payment from within their vehicle; iHeartRadio, which is using Watson’s personality insights to create personalized stations that are designed around a driver’s schedule; and MasterCard, which will let credit and debit cardholders pay for stuff right from their car’s dash.

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