German beasts diesel DRAG RACE: BMW, Audi & Merdeces (WATCH)

When it comes to performance, of course, not many think of diesel but there are compression ignition models on the market that are quite potent. And here are three of them in a direct drag race.

Carwow’s latest video features three of the most powerful mainstream diesel cars. These are the BMW 840d, Mercedes-Benz E400d, and Audi A8 50 TDI. While the designations seem pretty different, all three cars rely on 3.0-liter diesel engines.

It’s time for an all-diesel showdown! When it comes to performance you don’t often think diesel, but these three contenders are looking to change your mind! The only question is, which will be first to the checkered flag – the BMW, Mercedes or Audi? Let us know who your money’s on in the comments below!



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