Genesis luxury cars connected with Amazon’s Alexa

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Owners of the Hyundai sub-brand Genesis vehicles will soon have new possibilities for speak commands to their cars from outside the vehicle. This producer becomes the first one who will develop certain commands trough the apps. This system will work through the devices such as Echo, Dot, or Tap.

Partnership is already alive. Owners who are interested for this distance control only need to enable the Genesis and they will be able to start the engine, set climate control, lock and unlock doors and honk the horn or turn on the lights, all from the comfort of their own home.

Speaking commands to Alexa device goes directly to G80 or G90.

Genesis owners are given free access to its connected car service for three years. Commands can be directed to the system in the car from the house or office, and otherwise while driving owners of the cars, can communicate to Amazon connected appliances in their house. For the ones who buy Genesis G90 Amazon will provide gift cards for purchasing of the Echo.

Even though it is only the beginning of the cooperation, this partnership can have enormous possibilities for expansion and implementation of other aspects for distance control of the home or the car when the owner is not near either one.

Even  though the Genesis is the first to create this system other producers are also preparing to implement it into their new vehicles.

At the beginning of this month BMW announced that Amazon’s Alexa connectivity will be added to its vehicles, later this year, as part of its new cloud service BMW Connected.

In January, Ford announced a partnership with Amazon that would let users not only talk to their car through the Echo in their home, but also control devices in their homes while driving. Ford is on track to deliver Amazon Alexa capability in some of its vehicles by the end of this year

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