Ford GT prototype goes to auction

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Ford Motor Company has just began delivering its 2017 GT. Still, the model attracts a lot of of interest. One of them is on sale now. It goes under the hammer at the Russo and Steeles auction twhich will happen in Scottsdale, Arizona from January 19-22, 2017.

This is a very specific version of the Ford supercar

This is a very specific version of the Ford supercar. It’s a prototype of pre-production, officially a Confirmation Prototype 1. It carries a chassis number that ends with 004. It’s the first prototype of this generation GT that fits with a working drivetrain. It has never traveled faster than 5 mph as speed limiter shows.

There are numerous other imprecisions. For example, they used carbon fiber for the rear clamshell. This may have ended up with price about $45,000 to put on each car. Because of that it was thrown away in favor of a cheaper aluminum part for production. The engine is also made with a black supercharger and valve covers. They were switched for production by a silver blower and blue valve covers. The vehicle also holds lots of the testing equipment that the engineers used through development.

The car decorate autographs of 13 members that make a development team. Members also are chief designer Camillo Pardo, chief engineer Fred Goodnow, Ford Chairman Bill Ford Jr., and even Carroll Shelby who helped out with the testing.

First thing Ford sold was the prototype in 2008. Joey Limongelli has bought it. A famous GT collector who authored the book “Ford GT 2005-2006: The Complete Owners Experience.” It was last one for auction.

BAd thing is, only true collectors will want to make their offers. This vehicle is not legal for streets and there’s a chance that winning offerr will have to sign the contract with Ford which will maybe limit the future transfer of the car.

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