Ford F-150 Raptor, Chevy Silverado is selling in China

Some of pickup vehicles are selling in China. That’s not surprising that these vehicles are no longer limited in urban areas in this nation. But there’s been a course changing and Ford and General Motors are stepping on to take pickups to premium customers in the world’s largest auto market.

Chevrolet reported in November that will be selling Colorados and Silverados in China begining next year. In the same course, Ford is shipping over the F-150 Raptor from Michigan to China in 2017. Ford will also maybe bring more mainstream F-150s to China as well, relying on request and regulations, Reuters reported.

Parts of China are begining to embolden more pickups on the way

“The people who buy the Raptor maybe own some other premium vehicle already. This is another toy,” said Wesley Liu, sales director for Ford’s Asia-Pacific , to Reuters. Truck customers for will fall for four categories, he said. Those categories are the wealthy, business owners, drivers who want an all-purpose vehicle, and “gearheads.”

Parts of China are begining to embolden more pickups on the way. Even though almost every city in China limit trucks to overnight driving, four different provinces have launched pilot programs bringing pickups to urban areas to induce the economy and advance vehicle sales.

“China’s pick-up truck market will be very large in the future,” foresees Yan Ningya, an official included in the pilot project in the Hebei province.

Producers in China involving Great Wall and Jiangling are already selling pickup trucks. Models from GM and Ford promise appealing lot of premium customers. Pickups that are imported command a 25 percent import tax. That makes them a little luxurious purchase.

Even before U.S. producers come to grab a piece of the pie, the pickup movement begins to grasp in China. There are expectations for this year sales to reach 368,791 pickups. Also a raise of 14 percent, according to data from financial services company IHS Markit. It means pickups will calculate 1.4 percent of the market in China. That’s yet far away from the 2.7 million pickups that they expect to sell in the U.S. this year, which is 15 percent of the car market on our coasts.

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