Ford Bronco, Ranger may get firm front and rear axel

Prepare yourself, off-road lovers: it seems that the 2020 Ford Bronco that is coming will be more than just badge engineering exercise. As a report from Automotive News says, the unshowed SUV will pack firm axles in the front and the back, setting it squarely in the ever-capable Jeep Wrangler sights.

AN cites axle supplier Dana, which said its participation in the Bronco and Ranger production at an investor meeting. Dana allowed slip both the truck and SUV will have “front and rear axles showing our latest AdvanTEK gear technology.” This doesn’t promise a solid axle in both front and rear, as Dana supplies parts for both beam and solo suspension designs, but we try to stay hopeful.

If it ends up with the Bronco putting twin solid axles, even like option, the Jeep Wrangler will have some new rivals. Ford is already guaranteeing that the SUV that is coming soon will be a uneven, off-road-ready truck, something that would be driven home by the possession of solid axles.

We’re still expecting a different type of the existing Ranger T6 and Everest SUV

Now, we’re still expecting a different type of the existing Ranger T6 and Everest SUV that are already on sale all over the world. Both of the cars will be updated before they are revealed into the U.S. market. We’ll be able to see the addition of a solid front axle, or minimum support for one, as segment of the refresh.

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