Fiat decreasing small cars prices for USA market in 2017

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Year 2016 war harsh for small automobiles on the market of the United States. Italian car maker Fiat is preparing new sales strategy for the next year 2017. Italian producer is planning to cut the prices, expand the content and simplified the offers within the simpler packages.

Fiat is lowering prices for 5 to 10 % based on the information gathered from Fiat Chrysler Automobiles unit. However, 500L’s mid ranged version is going to be cheaper only for 1 percent. The smaller ration of discount will be superseded with packing of previously expensive extras — heated leather seats, a premium BeatsAudio sound system and a 6.5-inch touchscreen with navigation.

Each 2017 model will have three packages, or trim levels

Next year every model of Italian producer will have three packages said Bob Broderdorf the brand’s North America director. “Think about that experience online,” he said. “Think about it in a showroom. Think about what customers go through. And if you’re new to this, you get frustrated”.

After 5 years from market company needs to adapt the demographic change among its customers. When returned on the U.S. market Fiat attracted baby boomers at the first place who were well travelled, so its little model had to span as many needs as possible. Now the line includes a wagon, a roadster and a subcompact crossover. Since this group of buyers has worn off, Fiat is switching to younger consumers who are looking for something affordable and fun to drive.

Beside millennial’s who are accounting 45 % of all brands customers, average buyers age is half a decade younger than for the industry as whole.

Sales of light trucks, pickups, vans and SUV-s in the U.S market have outnumbered cars by 3 to 2 in recent months. That is opportunity for car makers like Fiat specializing in smaller models. Analysts say’s that they don’t have the right line up for the current American consumer. For the past three years, light trucks have outsold cars.

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