“FF 91”, first Faraday Future car was revealed today

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“FF 91”, first Faraday Future car was revealed today, and during the livestream, how the presentation was organized, we could see all the specifications. Although it is not still sure what the number 91 in the name of the car means, the specifications revealed on presentation are more than impressive.

Car will have battery from 130kWh, 1050 HP, and 378 miles of EPA range.  The charging system is 200kW DC fills the car for range of 500 miles per hour. A 15kW AC home system is making 50% charge in 4.5 hours. As other producers Faraday Future is preparing its models for autonomous driving. The FF 91 will have a 3D LIDAR system built in the center of the hood.

The FF 91’s include all the features of every concept cars from last couple of years

The FF 91 has internet connectivity, aerodynamic side mirrors which will be removable, a touch-sensitive screen instead of door handles, intelligent LED lighting for brake lights, turn signals and charge indicators, suicide doors, self-parking, an HD multifunctional display, and keyless smartphone entry.

Producer presented driving specifications of the FF 91’s as ‘’designed to beat other benchmark vehicles”. The car is capable to develop speed 0-60 in 2.39 seconds. Torque vectoring included, has a multi-motor setup which enables torque vectoring to the rear wheels. That lead us to the conclusion that the car is either rear-wheel drive with two rear motors, or all-wheel drive with one front motor and two rear motors. All-wheel steering is also included.

Interior of the car is accented on the rear seat which looks luxurious with adjustable lower leg, lumbar, and upper back support along with heating, cooling, and even massage functionality. The panoramic roof and rear and side windows are all made of dimming glass. Passengers can get the privacy with only one tap on the window. Finally, the car has cameras with facial recognition technology to automatically set music, temperature, scent and massage features if the car detects that you’re having a bad day.  It can even use facial recognition for keyless entry.

Even though the presentation is clearly showing the luxury, it is not still revealed the price of the car but the reservations can be already made. A reveal gala event will be held in March, when the public will get more info about the dates of this car production.


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