The extremely blue Aston Martin DB11 Q concept

Aston Martin mdid it good at the 2016 Geneva auto show, where the British brand revealed the then all-new DB11. With a solid and lightweight aluminum construction and powered by a twin-turbocharged V-12, the DB11 nicely combined new technology with classic style that developed the brand’s long-stagnant design language. After a year, Aston Martin is revealing again a DB11 at the Geneva auto show, and  it’s blue. Extremely blue.

Aston Martin has dubbed the DB11 Q. The one-of-a-kind sports coupe is made to exhibit the work of Aston Martin’s bespoke Q division. Dividing the DB11 by Q from any usual DB11 is a Blue Man Group–inspired colours that goes with a deark shade of Zaffre Blue paint with estated (but probably lacquered) carbon fiber highlighting the front splitter, rear diffuser area, side skirts, hood vents, and mirror caps. The exterior color scheme has the leather-lined inside, where other details are headrests embossed with the Q logo and a Zaffre Blue four-piece luggage set. Unluckily, the DB11 Q by Aston Martin’s snoticable color combination is loaded with its wheels coloured in Zaffre Blue. For our eyes, that is a styling mistake detracting from the DB11 Q’s nut on the other side looks gorgeous.

Therewith, the DB11 Q’s wheels are testament to the Q by Aston Martin program. Aston Martin doesn’t make a vehicle designed to attract to everyone but designs it to the just customer’s tastes. If you want blue wheels, you will get them. The DB11 by Q may not be the desirable of this year’s Geneva show, but it will surely leave an impression on folks who will be on the show.

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