Evolution of the Dodge Charger – 1966 to 2019 amazing video

Cars Evolution series in this video showes the amazing evolution of Dodge cars.

This installment follows the unusual trajectory of the Dodge Charger, from a two-door, rear-wheel-drive musclecar, to a personal luxury car, to a front-wheel-drive hatchback, and, finally, its most recent outing as a rear-wheel drive (sometimes all-wheel-drive), four-door sedan.

Unlike the Mustang or Corvette Cars Evolution videos, the Charger jumps around a lot. That’s in part due to the large gaps in the car’s history, and also thanks to various attempts by Dodge to make the car suit the needs of its time.

The first iteration of the Dodge Charger bowed in 1966 as a sleek fastback, then he went up in 1968 and ran through 1970. That car has become an icon, featured in classic car films like Bullitt, Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry an, ofcourse The Fast and the Furious (1970 model). The rest is history, so its up to you, see the next part in this amazing video. Enjoy!


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