EV revolution has begun. Global sales will pass landmark of 2m before 2017

According to the analysts EV revolution has begun, since until the end of this year more than 2 million vehicles will be sold.

Viktor Irle, from EV Volumes, a global sales database, said that EV revolution has begun. “The number of EVs on the world’s roads will be 2.1 million by the end of 2016. Our numbers are also showing that battery costs are falling by 20% every year”, he said.

Even though it was predicted sales of a million in 2015, in reality number was hardly a quarter out of it, sales of electric cars in EU and China was more than 1% out of total sales, and new numbers published several days ago are showing  that it is doubled in Europe.

Experts are predicting, the culture is changing, not only among the buyers, but also the producers need to think about the future. Volkswagen, one of the biggest car makers in the world, announced that it will deliver 30 electric models until the 2025. China is watching global EV market, and since that no producers of conventional vehicles are coming from upraised world economy, strong domestic market is creating in which their manufacturers can grow and gain expertise. Chinese realized they can become the main EV provider.

The world’s bestselling EV’s in the first six months of 2016 were the Nissan Leaf

Biggest EV market on the world is China, followed with U.S. and European Union. Traditional manufacturers are now challenged by the Chinese EV producers and Silicon Valley’s Tesla.

One of the examples how the market can rapidly grow is Norway, world leader. One in three of all new cars sold in Norway is now an EV, and this proportion is rising every month, urged by big tax breaks on the cars and major investment in charging infrastructure. Norway followed with Netherlands aim to leave fossil fuel cars by 2025.

The world’s bestselling EVs in the first six months of 2016, EV Volumes data shows, were the Nissan Leaf followed by the expensive Tesla Model S. But the third and fourth spots were taken by models from the Chinese firm, Build Your Dreams (BYD), with the Tang SUV and the Qin model. Chevrolet’s Volt took up fifth place.

Irle said BYD could be a serious global competitor in the future: “The BYD cars look nice – the Tang has been called the Chinese Porsche Cayenne.” He also said Tesla was set to be a major player. Its more affordable Model 3 is due in 2017 and has attracted hundreds of thousands of pre-orders, though no official total has been released. “I would not be surprised if it was over one million,” Irle said.

At the same time, traditional automakers are not giving up from traditional technologies such as the internal combustion engine but also to leverage all options available to further reduce CO2 emissions.

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