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European countries are embracing Electric car adoption

These European countries are embracing Electric car adoption

Europe’s automotive market is slowly getting charged.

Norway has become the world’s EV capital, thanks to generous purchase subsidies and other incentives. EVs are exempt from acquisition tax and from the country’s 25 percent value-added tax. They also enjoy privileged status on the roads, with exemptions from tolls, free ferry rides and, in some cities, free parking.

The Netherlands holds a firm second place in the EV race. Plug-in vehicles accounted for some 4.1% of total auto sales so far this year. Tesla is the market leader here too.

The UK aims to be a major force in the electric vehicle market, which it sees as a way to revitalize the country’s industry and provide high-tech jobs. Along with California (and possibly China), the UK is one of the few governments that has a good strategy for electrification.

France; Paris plans to phase out legacy vehicles in the city by 2030 to cut air pollution. The country has a range of incentives in place, including purchase subsidies of up to 6,000 euros for electric and hybrid vehicles. The most popular plug-in vehicle in France is the homegrown Renault Zoe. Tesla is less popular here than elsewhere in Europe.

Germany, home of the world’s largest automaker and some of the world’s most iconic luxury brands. German automakers are struggling to find a profitable way to sell EVs. Several have warned that electrification will lead to financial losses for the industry. – Automotive News Europe


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