‘Enhanced Autopilot’ update in whole Tesla fleet with one week delay

Tesla Co. started incorporate ’’Enhanced Autopilot’’ update to the whole fleet of vehicles with the second generation of Autopilot hardware. This started on Monday morning, and it was one week later than it was previously announced.

As CEO Elon Musk said, the update will operate in shadow mode. He confirmed on social networks early at the beginning of the week: ’’HW2 Autopilot now downloading to all HW2 cars, but in non-actuating mode to assess reliability. If looks good, actuation by end of week’’ That explained to all of the owners of Model S and X why they’ve received a new update without any release notes.

The latest round of Tesla’s quarterly referral program ended this week. Tesla launched two programs: The new quarterly round which last from January 16 to March 15, and now first time introducing another new referral program called ‘Annual Awards’. Limit of quarterly round referral went down from 10 to 8, and annual award biggest prize can even be Model S or X P100D Ludicrous. There are also other prizes for owners who get to 15+ or 20+ regardless of whether they are first or not.

Tesla Autopilot not engaged in crash on the German highway

One person died and 15 was injured, in the 31 cars pileup that crashes last week in German highway A1. 73-year-old driver of Model S was killed, and media jump into conclusion that Tesla Autopilot caused the accident.

Investigation was immediately under action and even though there were no information that autopilot was taken in consideration for a cause of the accident, local media reported that authorities are ‘’looking into Tesla’s advanced driver assist system’’. Spokesman of Tesla confirmed that the Autopilot wasn’t engaged.

Over 120 members of the fire brigade and rescue service were on the scene for hours trying to assist people involved in the crash. It resulted in a 10-hour traffic jam.


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