Elon Musk predicts that in next 10 years almost all new cars will be capable of self-driving

Future is already here, and before we know it, roads will be full with completely autonomous driving cars. World Government Summit in Dubai today have visited CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk, and he just talked about it. This year company plans is to have its level 4 autonomous driving system realized.

According to Musk, sector of technology will have the greater impact in the future, and one of those impacts will be autonomous driving. “There are about 2 billion cars in the world and the total annual production capacity is about 100 million cars, which makes sense since the average life of a car before being totally scrapped is about 20-25 years. So the point for which we see autonomy appear will not be the point when we see a massive impact on people because it will take a lot of time to make enough autonomous vehicles to disrupt. That disruption will take place for about 20 years.”

Tesla could need to upgrade the computer in the new vehicles in order to enable fully self driving

Tesla’s vehicles are equipped with NVIDIA’s Drive PX 2 supercomputer and Musk said that it could be enough to surpass human driving, but if not, they could easily upgrade the computer. While Tesla is promising level 5 autonomous driving on its new hardware, NVIDIA thinks that level 3 is possible, but two Drive PX 2 computers would be necessary for level 4-5.

Musk also briefly addressed the issue of the self-driving transition affecting a large part of the workforce that drive vehicles for a living: “20 years is a short period of time to have something like 12 to 15 of the workforce being unemployed.” He reiterated that he sees universal basic income as the best solutions for artificial intelligence taking over human labor.


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