Electrification of all cars by 2030 announcement from Mazda

Mazda, the Japanese brand announced an electrification strategy that envisions electrification of the entire lineup by 2030.

The company intends to hybridize its cars as the forecast for 2030 is that 95% of sales will fall on ICEs combined with some form of electrification. the remaining 5% will be all-electric models. There are already brands that achieve more than 5% in plug-in sales, which only shows how different Mazda’s strategy is with a target of 5% BEVs in 12 years.

Mazda announces electrification and connectivity strategies for cars that invigorate mind and body

It’s amazing news that Mazda finally will begin electrification and hopefully plug-in hybrids will become a decent part of sales. The goal for 2050 is to lower the corporate average “well-to-wheel” carbon dioxide emissions by 90% (compared to 2010).

The two first electric cars are to be a BEV and an electric car with a newly developed range extender.  It’s expected that the current plan is to launch first electric model in 2020.

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