Electric vehicles are more common in mining industry

Why are the electric vehicles perfect for mining industry ? Oh, we just answered – because they are emmision free.

It’s so hard to get rid of emission produced by a diesel engine underground. Additionally, going electric decreases the danger of explosion. So it’s safe, healthy and better.

Recently, Emsbürener Hermann Paus Maschinenfabrik GmbH together with Danfoss Mobile Electrification developed an all-electric version of the MinCa 5.1 truck, which previously was offered only as diesel.


The MinCa 5.1Eis equipped with a 50 kW electric motor for all-wheel drive and 50 kWh battery, which should last for 3-4 hours, according to the company. Payload of the truck is 1,200 kg.

Also, there is the MinCa 5.1H with a 20 kWh battery and range-extender. Extends its working shift to 12 hours between fill-ups.

Production will take place in Emsbüren, Germany.

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