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NIO EP9, World’s Fastest Electric Car unvieled

Chinese start up company for production of electric cars NextEV unveiled its new brand NIO. The company calling its new car the fastest electric car in the world. The car will go on sale in China next year, and then around the world. No word yet on price. The company

Tesla launched a new program “Drive to Believe”

“Drive to Believe” program was launched this weekend from the Tesla company. It is about new campaign trough out the automaker is trying to get to the wider range of customers across the Europe. This action is planned for one obviously clear reason: to raise the sails results and the

Jaguar join the race on electric vehicles market

Jaguar introduced I-Pace crossover concept on the Los Angeles Auto Show. With this luxury brand factory in the ownership of the TATA group is joining electric vehicles market. Buyers can already make their orders on one of the websites of the company, production version of the EV will be presented


Hyundai confirmed that its battery electric vehicle with a 200-mile range is coming. It will be an SUV by continuing where Toyota RAV4 EV finished. The producer annunciated that today at a press conference at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show. Even Hyundai’s trio of Ioniq models (hybrid, plug-in, and full EV)

Toyota planning production of electric vehicles

Toyota Motor Corporation was not one of the producers who planned production of Electric Vehicles. However, information published from various sources says that world’s biggest automaker is planning to start EV production. According to the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, producer Toyota will start production of long-range EVs by 2020. Tem for

Tesla’s Model X, with new storage space of 88 cubic feet becoming best-in-class SUV cargo

After several weeks of expecting and getting new information from Tesla, the avalanche of new feeds does not slowing down. According to the newest, Tesla is finally ready to introduce its 5-seat configuration. Model X SUVs with 6 and 7 seat configurations are delivered in a few thousands, and now

New type of glass under the name “Tesla glass” will be used for Model 3

In august this year was reported that Tesla is preparing the new program named “Tesla Glass”. At the time was not known much about this highly secretly kept from public development. Even though that the program was kept away from the eyes of the public, Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk confirmed

How BHP Billiton expecting development from electric vehicles market?

World’s largest mining company, Anglo-Australian BHP Billiton, has great expectation from the electric vehicles market. Mining giant is optimistic that the demand of some if its products will be rapidly expanded with highest demand of electric vehicles in the worldwide market, and connected with that, other technologies using renewable energies.

Tesla hints at upcoming Tesla network ridesharing program

Many of new second-generation of Tesla Motor’Autopilot Hardware 2 suite of autonomous driving tech are the company’s this week's greatest announcement. The leading electric car plants are also indicated at its future Tesla Network ride sharing program. That was shortly said at the end of the webpage about the new autonomous driving hardware. In the last

Level 5 autopilot hardware in all Tesla models

Tesla started production of the vehicles which with hardware for full autonomous driving, and starting today all models will be delivered with it. As Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla said, new autopilot will be capable for level five autonomy operations, while current is on level two. New equipment, named Autopilot

Delivery of Tesla’s Model 3 beginning on time?

Delivery of the most expected vehicle lately, Tesla’s Model 3 will began on time, at the end of 2017, as it was announced. However, on the web page of the Silicon Valley’s producer, as of last weekend changes unveiled another story, causing doubts and question is it going to be

Hybrid power Mini Countryman comes in 2017 plug-in electric will follow in 2019

MINI has officially confirmed its launching two electric vehicles in next three years.  First will be plug-in hybrid model with the same form like 2017 MINI Countryman. A plug-in electric will follow in 2019, and the model is going to be the same as current model, but with more expressed

EV revolution has begun. Global sales will pass landmark of 2m before 2017

According to the analysts EV revolution has begun, since until the end of this year more than 2 million vehicles will be sold. Viktor Irle, from EV Volumes, a global sales database, said that EV revolution has begun. “The number of EVs on the world’s roads will be 2.1 million

Germany signalized ending use internal combustion by 2030

Germany’s Bundesrat has passed a resolution to ban the internal combustion engine starting in 2030. Resolution which is not actually binding but it is something like political declaration  calls on the EU Commission in Brussels to pass directives assuring that “latest in 2030, only zero-emission passenger vehicles will be approved”

Next generation Electric vehicles improves performances

Second wave electric vehicles promise technology acceptable for wide range of consumers; those cars are getting better, cheaper, longer lasting. It appears this is the highlight of this year Paris Motor show. Producers are trying to present its models as much attractive is possible. Renault for example has the message

Tesla continues fight for direct retail business model

Despite its short life, Tesla Motors was more or less successful with its business model of avoiding the franchised dealers and selling directly to consumers. How ever, as it seams according to the last development of the situation, this way is no more secure for Tesla and for other startups.


Volkswagen hopes it will hit the market, by the end of this decade, with a concept electric car. The Volkswagen I.D. will debut at the Paris Motor Show this week, representing a new electric drive system and autonomous features. Details aren’t released yet, but we know the compact car are

Toyota hitting 1 million sales mark for Prius plug-in

Toyota Motor Corporation is hoping for 1 million units sale over the model cycle of new Prius gasoline hybrid cars. Company officials announced that The chief engineer of the new plug-in version over its product life cycle, saying the vehicle is set to become its showpiece "eco" car in the