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Owners of Tesla vehicles suing company for defections of autopilot

In the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court in San Jose (California), drivers are complaining on the Autopilot software stating that it is dangerously defective. Vehicle owners stating that the cars, paid between $81,000 to $113,000, are acting strangely and often “lurching, slamming on the brakes for no reason,

EV Charging Experience – Only Tesla Has Do It Right

If you drive an electric car for your everyday get-around-needs, then plugging in and charging up is a necessary part of your daily ritual. This means the experience you have while charging is an important part of your EV ownership satisfaction. When and where you charge, how long it takes, and the

Tesla overcome value of Ford

Tesla’s stock recently gained in value while Ford’s took a tumble and today it resulted in Tesla’s market capitalization surpassing Ford’s for the first time. Tesla closed at $45.47 billion today while Ford is now worth $45.35 billion, according to Google Finance, despite the latter selling 30x more cars in

Automakers and suppliers disagree about the final stage of autonomous driving

Germany's Bosch, the world's biggest automotive supplier, predicts that no longer than in next six years we will get to the final stage before fully autonomous vehicles, but no forecast was given when a totally self-driving car might take to the streets. A lot of questions and issues are still

Trump budget plan dismiss energy grants and auto loan program

U.S. administration proposed this week discharging Energy Department loan programs and some research funding for energy-efficient technology and electric vehicle development at three carmakers since the industry is changing course to electric and self-driving vehicles. Draft of the budget proposal of the White House administration ending the Advanced Research Projects

Tesla offers shares to raise the cash needed for further development

Tesla will offer $250 million in shares and $750 million in convertible debt, in order to continue its development form a niche player to a high-volume automaker. Its action can go up to $1.15 billion which will be used for strengthening its balance sheet. Tesla said in a statement: "further

Electric and hybrid models at Geneva international motor show

Porsche presented its luxury Panamera S aerodynamic, developing speed up to 167mph. Above all, model on display in Geneva is able to travel for about 20 miles only on battery power. It’s a fast, powerful and extremely economical hybrid. Electric motor is placed near to the 3-litre petrol engine, and

All-electric cars in focus of Geneva Motor Show

This year Geneva Motor Show, beside new models and car concepts arises one most important issue which is not future any more: electric cars as main product to be promoted and sailed. Since the electric cars are not exception any more, it is crucial to see what the car makers

Honda Clarity family is growing with electric versions and plug-in at NY auto show

Plug-in hybrid and battery-electric variants will join Honda’s Clarity Fuel Cell really soon. The Japanese producer announced launching of these additional variants next month at 2017 New York auto show. Their names are Clarity Plug-in Hybrid and Clarity Electric and their arrival  in showrooms should be later this year, as 2018 models. In

Systems for safety of self-driving cars are in progress

  Suppliers of automotive industry are working to bring into play systems for safety of self-driving cars. Engineering teams are preparing future systems for backup systems for the brakes, steering, sensors and computer commands that guide future vehicles. The idea is to give vehicles secondary systems that will allow them

Elon Musk predicts that in next 10 years almost all new cars will be capable of self-driving

Future is already here, and before we know it, roads will be full with completely autonomous driving cars. World Government Summit in Dubai today have visited CEO of Tesla Motors Elon Musk, and he just talked about it. This year company plans is to have its level 4 autonomous driving

Number of companies opposing Presidents Trumps decisions is rising – Tesla joined the group

More than 120 technology companies has join oppose of President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. One of them is Tesla who join the action today. Companies have filed a legal brief against Trump’s executive order that denies immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries entry to the U.S. Tesla. The claim was submitted

Faraday Future building auto assembly plant in North Las Vegas, but smaller that originally planed

Faraday Future will build auto assembly plant in North Las Vegas, but smaller that originally planed. Electric luxury car startup Faraday Future, one of several Chinese-funded companies is downsizing plans to build vehicles in the United States, according to the company and public officials. Faraday, an affiliate of Beijing-based Leshi

‘Enhanced Autopilot’ update in whole Tesla fleet with one week delay

Tesla Co. started incorporate ’’Enhanced Autopilot’’ update to the whole fleet of vehicles with the second generation of Autopilot hardware. This started on Monday morning, and it was one week later than it was previously announced. As CEO Elon Musk said, the update will operate in shadow mode. He confirmed

Report: BMW to Offer All-Electric M Cars

BMW is already offering the i8 plug-in hybrid. Though it has to come out with an all-electric high-performance car, not to mention one tuned by the storied M performance division. As Auto Express says, that may be changed soon. “It will happen, but the question is when is that going to happen,”

Tesla crossed the mark 100,000 vehicles delivery in the U.S.

In the first working week of the year 2017 Tesla delivered total 22,200 vehicles. 12,700 were Model S and 9,500 Model X. Tesla has delivered over 183,000 Model S and X vehicles over the last 4 years. Tesla revealed that the sales in the last quarter of 2016 was lower

Nissan lays out plans for electrified, fatality-free future

Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn talked at CES 2017 and reveled the Nissan future as well as general automotive frame. Company intentions are to go into direction of zero emissions and zero fatalities, which including testing of vehicles with autonomous driving in Japan, pointing out upcoming Nissan Leaf. Important part of

“FF 91”, first Faraday Future car was revealed today

“FF 91”, first Faraday Future car was revealed today, and during the livestream, how the presentation was organized, we could see all the specifications. Although it is not still sure what the number 91 in the name of the car means, the specifications revealed on presentation are more than impressive.