All-electric cars in focus of Geneva Motor Show

This year Geneva Motor Show, beside new models and car concepts arises one most important issue which is not future any more: electric cars as main product to be promoted and sailed. Since the electric cars are not exception any more, it is crucial to see what the car makers are planning to do in order to make this kind of automobiles mainstream in auto industry.

One thing is sure, cars are going to be all electric very soon. Infrastructure is one of the following issues to be solved, and that’s not depending only from the car makers and investors. The states are already involved, by providing highly needed infrastructure in order to get new technology to mass consumption. Beside, regulations are getting stronger every year and forcing the producers to meet them

Electric car market has multiplied by a factor of 25 in last three years

Auto industry is aware about the problems with the pollutions. Producers know their duty and have big concerns about the environment. This technology helps them to fulfil responsibilities, and it will also provide them to meet future requirements from regulators, for at least the next 10 to 15 years.

A decade ago, hybrids were not usual sight at the big international motor shows. Now, under pressure from regulators around the world, carmakers have been working hard to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. So hybrids have become decidedly mainstream.

Electric motors not only reduce emissions, they allow energy that would normally be lost – under braking, for example – to be recovered, boosting efficiency. Now, some manufacturers are going a step further – and producing wholly electric cars aimed at the mass market. Last year, for example, BMW released the i3, a neat little city car that runs entirely on batteries. The Porsche Panamera S version presented in Geneva is hybrid able to travel for about 20 miles only on battery power.

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