Electric Cars are must have for – Rich & Famous

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Electric cars are becoming a must-have for the rich and famous. Speed, fashion, style and something new.

Take it for granted that a fair number of wealthy car buyers admire electric power, thanks to the cool cachet of Tesla Inc. But not long ago, electrics were viewed as anathema by serious car people.” Not anymore. According to Milton Pedraza, founder of the Luxury Institute, “It is definitely high-performance with sustainability that resonates… with affluent and wealthy automotive buyers.”

Tesla may be the industry pioneer but other luxury automakers are looking to get in on the action. 


Unlike before, being green is, “spurring the world’s millionaires and billionaires to make luxury purchases, based on a system of values such as reduced carbon footprints and sustainability… According to Hallmark, hybrid and electric cars allow them to express themselves in a novel way.”

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